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Questions You May Have

1. Why are your barcodes so cheap?

A better question is why do those other sites charge you $15 to $89 for a single code? Our site is fully automated from code assignment to payment processing to barcode generation. There is no reason those other places should charge so much.

2. How long does it take?

Your order is processed instantly! Our system is fully automated - it is part of the reason we are so cheap. Upon completing payment you will immediately receive via email your receipt, list of codes purchased, plus a link to download all the barcode image files. Also, you will have all of this same information in your browser window after your order is processed.

3. What's the difference between your UPC codes and others I have seen out on the internet?

There are no differences. Our parent corporation is a member of the GS1 organization and has paid for the rights to various GS1 prefixes which give us hundreds of thousands of Unique UPC Codes that we can use as we like including licensing them to you.

4. Why don't I just join the GS1 myself?

If you need thousands of codes for your own use, then we recommend that you DO join yourself. You will save money in the long run this way. But if you only need a few hundred or fewer barcodes, then you can save a lot of money and even more hassle by getting your codes from us. GS1 registration can take days and will be very expensive. But with us, you can get the codes you need instantly and very economically.

5. What do I get for my money?

With each order you will receive your genuine GS1 prefix registered UPC barcodes, graphics for each one of your barcodes in JPG & PNG bitmap formats, graphics in EPS & SVG formats, and a certificate of authenticity. We also automatically provide them in EAN format for our European customers. We will also provide a "How to Use your UPC Codes" instruction sheet.

6. What else do I get?

As an optional free service, you can register your product and website (if applicable) with us for inclusion in our worldwide UPC database of products. This can be extremely valuable for companies concerned about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) style marketing for their websites. If you are interested in taking advantage of this, send us an email with a spreadsheet containing your UPC codes, product names, and website URL to the product (if applicable). Don't forget to include your company contact information.

7. Are there any other costs?

There are no additional costs for your barcodes ever. You simply pay a one time fee of $1.99 per barcode and they are yours for life.

8. Do I need to send you my list of products before ordering?

No, just go ahead and place your order now. Since YOU assign which of your codes goes to what products, you will do this step after you receive your codes. Create a little spreadsheet or database, and assign each variation of your products one of your unique UPC/EAN codes. Then give this information to your retailers and distributors and start selling.

9. How do I use my new UPC Bar Codes?

There are lots of ways. You can use the included graphics files directly in your package designs. When setting up with a retailer, you will be required to provide data files on your products, including your new UPC codes. On Amazon, you simply type in your 12 digit UUC-12 UPC code into the inventory files you use to load your products on their site.

10. Are there any retailers that will not accept these UPC codes?

To our knowledge, there is only one company that will not accept these codes, and that is Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart requires all of their suppliers to be registered themselves with the GS1, and to have their own prefix. Sublicensing UPC Codes is not sufficient. If Wal-Mart is going to buy your products, congratulations! But you will need your own GS1 registration to deal with them.

Do you need FREE Barcodes created for numbers you already own? See free-upc-barcodes.

UPC Barcodes


• Maximum 1,000 barcodes per customer.
• Offer valid for first purchase only.
• This is a limited time promotional offer and subject to change without notice.
• We provide you with everything you need including JPG, PNG and vector (EPS or SVG) graphics. If we have missed something or you have a question we have not answered, let us know.

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