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Affiliate Information & Sign-Up

Join the Affilate Program and Review Traffic Here

This section provides website and blog owners with the tools to deploy a 'Click Through' referral program and review traffic results.

Who Should Consider Joining?

There are plenty of affiliate programs available on the internet today for nearly every product available. Nearly every website providing an affiliate click-through program would be pleased to have you join and add a graphic link to your site, if only for the benefit of web-link which bolsters their web site ranking on search engines.

You might, however, want to choose wisely one or two static links for your blog which complement the content of your website. If you enjoy and write about skiing, you might have an affiliate program which sells vacations packages for example. If you are interested in joining our program, your website should provide information on one or more of the following items in order for you to realize earnings:

• Provide instructions or advice on selling on eBay or Amazon
• Talk about how to create products for general sales and distribution
• Provide services for designing or creating packaging for others
• You have a product that you sell, and are encouraging others to do the same with one of their choosing
• You are interested in barcodes and image reading devices

These are not the only necessarily the only reasons to become a Cheap-UPC-Barcodes affiliate, but provide an idea of what kind of web sites would benefit from having a 'Click-Through' program.

What Does a Link Look Like?

Currently, the 'Click-Through' image looks and works exactly like this:

Other sizes coming soon include: 88 x 31 banner, 120 x 60 banner, 120 x 240 banner, and 468 x 60 banner. If you need a custom size, let us know.

Please note that this image may change should we adjust the wording or graphics, but it will always be strictly providing barcodes licenses and related services. In the future we may offer several differnt types of graphics sizes to post.

Where Should I Place the Link?

There are two places you can place the link. Generally, you want the link to be near the top of your webpage, and on the right hand side. This is a place that does not dominate the visualization of your website, but is also apparent enough that should the title stand-out, it will be noticed.

The other option is to place the link inline with your postings should you write about a process that will require the purchase of barcodes. In other words, the article will be joined directly to the link. This will provide you with the benefit of having the text you write work for you later should you decide to change your main affilate providers later.

How and How Much Do I Get Paid?

Several things need to happen for you to get paid. They are:

• You need to sign up with this program
• You need to post the link image code to your website
• People who read your website need to click on the graphic link
• People who click, must purchase within 60 days, and not clear their cookies.
• A percentage (see below) of each purchase is set aside and payable within two weeks at the end of each quarter.

Currently out 'Click-Through' program is offering a minimum commission rate of 33%. This rate will never drop below this figure, and we may from time to time offer incentives to get an even higher rate.

If you should provide traffic to this site and those people purchase $200 of barcodes, at the end of that quarter you would receive payment of $66. In addition, each year you will receive 33% of the renewal purchase of the ones that were renewed.

I'm Ready to Place a Link. Where do I Sign Up?

Signing up is a very simple two-step process. Just provide us your name, number and email address. This will become your access method where you can see reports of your traffic and sales. We will immediately email you your affiliate account information and a link to paste into your website. Check back to check your click-through traffic, and we will email you when conversions (sales) occur.

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Affiliate Access

Affiliate Resources
• Affiliates wishing to represent UPC-Cheap-Barcode should ensure their websites are compatible with the concept of providing barcodes to their readers
• Graphics for placement on websites can be found on this page with more graphics sizes be added over time
• Make sure you include your affilate ID when you place your code snippet
• We provide you with everything you need to provide a revenue resource on your web pages